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What is iFonAndroid?

iFonAndroid was founded in December 2012 as a weblog focused on delivering Apple & Google news, jailbreak information, reviews, editorials as well as guides and tutorials about programming on Android, iPhone, iPad and everything iOS. The website is updated multiple times on a daily basis by me -Aziz-.

This blog is for anyone interested in learning more about the Android, iPhone, iPad, keeping up to date with the latest news, and being on top of the important iOS/Android related news.

We pride ourselves in not only delivering the news, but also analyzing and debating it. iFonAndroid also gives its readers helpful tips and tutorials about iOS and Android. We not only write about current events, but we also keep readers informed about what’s important.

iFonAndroid comes with a large community of readers who often share their views and opinions in our comments. Discussion is always encouraged and people seeking help or advice usually find what they need among our great community.

iFonAndroid respects and is committed to protecting its users privacy.