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Samsung Galaxy (SII, SIII, Note): a big security risk …

XDA forum member has put his finger on a big security of a large portion of the range smartphones Samsung Galaxy. These are all devices with Exynos architecture that would be affected.


Did you know that a new method allowed to “root” the Samsung Galaxy without having to use the software ODIN? In fact, the /dev/exynos-memĀ in kernel allows anyone to read and write to the memory sockets phone. The good news is that this flaw allows “rooter” easily his camera. The bad … this vulnerability provides access to your data. This directory is used for both “graphics” as the camera for example.

Affected devices? Many devices with an architecture Exynos (Exynos 4210 and 4412), as the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab II, etc..

A solution? Not really, it is possible to modify the rights of the famous directory permissions, but we do not know the consequences of this method of operation of the system and applications.

Samsung has not yet reported on this discovery, however, the Korean firm will have to react very quickly.


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