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Chrome for Android will soon sync passwords

If you are a Chrome browser user with your Android Smartphone, you should certainly browse while logged into your Google Account because this allows you to use one of the most significant features of this browser: Syncing your smartphone or tablet with your computer.


So far, this synchronization to Android devices only concerns open tabs, bookmarks and data Omnibox (Google search address bar), which is already very useful, eg: resume internet browsing on his phone where you left off when leaving the computer.

But then, it missing from this list of objects synchronized passwords that you asked the browser to save in order to facilitate the step of connecting to various websites. This absence is all the more regrettable while the same functionality exists on the iOS version of the Chrome browser!

Google justifies the unequal treatment  by the fact that how user accounts are managed by Android requires more work and more time to implement the delicate synchronization feature of passwords. After all, Android supports multi-users while iOS does not.

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