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HTC One, the official name of HTC M7?

Published in a tweet this weekend, @evleaks announced that the M7 is indeed the HTC One and also publishes a picture that would be the official design of the device that somewhat resembles what we have seen so far .


According to our sources, the term M7 is simply a code name used internally to hide the official name of the next high-end brand which would be called HTC One when it will be announced in two weeks.

Like the manufacturers which include the generic names for their mobile devices, such as Sony Xperia, LG Optimus or Samsung Galaxy, HTC has meanwhile perhaps too tended to change the generic names of its devices. If this is the case, it could qualify as one of the next upscale icon of the Taiwanese manufacturer that already has a name more class and speaking to the public.

Unfortunately, we are still left several issues, including the names of the next end mobile brand, such as that of M4.

We should see an advantage in the occasion of the conference to be held on HTC February 19 in New York.

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