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Ouya, more than 480 games are being adapted

In honor of the upcoming release of the OUYA, developers suggest a list of more than 480 games that are being deployed on the gaming console.


While some began to say the Ouya have a list of games very limited, there is nothing of that ; by visiting the official forum, you can find a topic where the developers at Ouya and game developers themselves confirm the compatibility of a multitude of titles. A list that grows every day thanks to the availability of the SDK for over a month (sending began in December 2012).

At present, it remains difficult to imagine the behavior of optimized games on the console, including the graphics and from the device. In a sense, it makes me laugh a little because I saw some developers try to adapt/carrieres their best titles Console/PC flagship on a touchscreen..and now the opposite effect with a tactile games on a console games with joypad.

From a certain perspective, Nvidia could clearly be a major beneficiary with a significant increase in its catalog of compatible Android games. Of course, it is too early to state the availability of  OUYA compatible games (and Tegra 3) but it is still possible that some are eventually brought to the OUYA smartphones and tablets and therefore with touch controls.

The list of compatible games is very long to make a complete list for you, so I invite you to visit the Ouya forum directly to discover the content.

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