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How to Install Android applications on Windows or Mac..

The start-up Bluestacks has conceived a virtualization software able to run mobile applications on the Windows or Mac. The applications are designed for smartphones, Cnet did not notice that the performance had been altered. This information is quite important because the virtualization market is a huge business, this is why the partnership between BlueStacks and Citrix has been signed. Citrix is indeed an expert in the virtualization solutions…


BlueStacks has improved its virtualization software  to run Android applications including Windows 8 optimized for surface Pro, Windows and Mac.

This emulator allows you to install Android Apps on Windows (including Windows 8 and Surface PRO) and Mac as if these applications are intended for those OS.

Bluestack can now carry a library of 750,000 Android applications on Windows for example, while the Windows Store only offers 40,000 applications.

BlueStacks Emulator encountered problems about running commands for configuring mouse and keyboard to a touchscreen configuration. But all this has been resolved. We tested it and it is really beautiful.

It also allows you to connect your Android smartphone with your PC or Mac (in the cloud) and synchronize the activity of applications.

A recalled that the start-up BlueStacks was founded in 2008.

Negotiations are underway between BlueStacks Dell and HP to further improve the service. And several were signed to preinstall the emulator on the Asus, MSI and AMD computers. Without forgetting Lenovo witch has an agreement with BlueStacks to pre-installed the virtuatization software in 100 million PCs in this year.

Download BlueStacks for Win, Mac &Wind8

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