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Root: Full Screen, Activate The Full Screen In All Applications

Full Screen Application directly targets users who have rights super-user (root) for Android Tablets.

Android Full screen application

Full Screen is an application which allows you to activate the full screen mode in all applications (Ex: video, web, email) including games without losing the main functions of the bar system (Back, Home, Switch between applications, access the notification bar, the settings, etc.)

Keep in mind that within the tablet version of Android, the system displays all the applications in a bar at the bottom that gives access to the buttons and the system notification icons. Here’s what happens:

Android Full Screen Application

With full Screen, when you’re in full screen mode, the buttons are still present but in a very discreet way, and can be modified as desired (position, size and transparency). The following actions can be assigned to a button:

  • Back: return within applications
  • Home: shortcut to go directly to the Home screen
  • Show recent applications: quickly switch between recently opened apps
  • Restore the system tray: an action which reappear in the system tray with a simple click
  • Open the application menu: easy access to the applications installed in the device
  • Pie-Menu: Open the setup menu of the application

Android Full Screen Application

Android Full Screen Application

What is the root?

The root is an advantage that allows you to modify the rights of the operating system of your device to get total control. Therefore, you can install a new recovery, a new kernel, a new rom, or make a overclock your cpu/gpu .. Clearly, it is to be in control of the root of the system model according to its wishes.

Please note that this is not trivial, and if you’re not sure about what you are exactly doing, then it is advisable not to try the root.

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