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How To Tag Wifi Access Points As Mobile Hotspots On Your Android Device

Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in Help & How To | 1 comment

There are many reasons you would need a mobile hot spot with an Android device for; either because you are using a tablet without a mobile data connection of its own, or you are traveling overseas and hoping to avoid data roaming charges. In all cases, Android 4.1 has come up with an option to easily mark mobile access points as mobile hot spots to better control the use of mobile data.Importantly, whenever you’re tethering one Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) device to another, the device will know that it is hooked up to a hot spot versus a more strong access point.  Android deals with everything when both devices are running 4.1 or higher. However, you will need to make sure Android knows, in case you’re connecting to a WiFi or a non-Android phone, that you are connected to a mobile hot...

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How to Install Android applications on Windows or Mac..

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Android, Help & How To | 0 comments

The start-up Bluestacks has conceived a virtualization software able to run mobile applications on the Windows or Mac. The applications are designed for smartphones, Cnet did not notice that the performance had been altered. This information is quite important because the virtualization market is a huge business, this is why the partnership between BlueStacks and Citrix has been signed. Citrix is indeed an expert in the virtualization solutions… BlueStacks has improved its virtualization software  to run Android applications including Windows 8 optimized for surface Pro, Windows and Mac. This emulator allows you to install Android Apps on Windows (including Windows 8 and Surface PRO) and Mac as if these applications are intended for those OS. Bluestack can now carry a library of 750,000 Android applications on Windows for example, while the Windows Store only offers 40,000 applications. BlueStacks Emulator encountered...

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Make Your Own Wireless Charging Kit In 10 Minutes For Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Help & How To | 0 comments

Wireless charging is a sophisticated feature on future smartphones nowadays. Though there are still a few smartphones that support it, wireless charging sounds nice in the smartphone.  Not only does it make smartphone look more sophisticated, but it also makes charging smartphone no more complicated. Technology is getting easy. Now, we do not need to use a charger cable to plug into the power supply for charging our smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the smartphones that do not include the smart wireless charging kit out of the box. But now with a simple hack done by a member of the XDA Developers forum, Samsung Galaxy S3 users can now have that awesome feature. With just a few supplies that cost $25, S3 users can add wireless charging kit for their lovely phone for 10 minutes. The wireless charging...

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