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LG, The First Smartphone With Flexible Screen Before 2014

Posted by on Apr 28, 2013 in Concept | 0 comments

If we happened to know that Samsung is working on flexible displays, it would seem that its enemy, LG, is also on the niche. Now that Samsung’s projects seem to be a little late, LG is in a position to launch the first product with flexible display this year. At a conference held by Bu-Hyun Yoon to announce the financial results for the first quarter of LG, the vice president of the firm had the opportunity to formalize the arrival of their first smartphone with a flexible screen OLED before the end of 2013. Obviously, no specific date has been provided, but LG certainly has an offensive plan against Samsung which is considered as the main player in the smartphone market with Apple and one of the most innovative (although in reality it is much more complicated than that...

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Google Will Also Have Its Connected Watch

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013 in Concept | 0 comments

While rumors focus on Apple and Samsung, Google will also work on a watch connected. Connected watch is a reality for several years, Sony has already released two products on the market: SmartWatch, Motorola with MOTOACTV, not to mention smaller initiatives but equally interesting: I’m Watch or the Pebble Watch. Samsung has confirmed its next product: the Galaxy Watch, while the Apple iWatch is still under rumor stage. The Financial Times has said that Google did work on a connected watch. alongside Google Glass, Google could therefore reveal another connected product. As a reminder, Google filed a patent for a dual-screen connected watch in 2011. Finally, interesting information: the famous watch would be designed by the Android division and not X Lab division. After that, discover the Google Time concept by Adrian...

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Minuum, The Flexible Virtual Keyboard On a Single Line

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in Concept, Featured | 0 comments

Here is Minuum: a virtual keyboard rather particular developed in Whirlscape. Indeed, Minuum is a very original virtual keyboard that spans on a single line, and is able to predict/guess your words just like BlindType. Of course, Minuum includes everything needed of a keyboard with 26 characters of the alphabet, the numbers 0 to 9 and punctuation, symbols, emoticons and much more. To know that the alphabet letters are divided into different colors, so the user gets used more easily. What you should know is that Minuum improves typing in: recovering half the space of the touch screen that you lose when you type on a traditional virtual keyboard granting a fast text input providing a magnification of letters to be more precise, particularly useful if you have big fingers smart AutoCorrect respecting the order of the keyboard (QWERTY in this case), so yu...

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HTC Explain The HTC One Design & Conception

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Concept, News | 0 comments

If you already had the opportunity to take control of the HTC One, you must know how the manufacturer spent all his know-how. In a new video, HTC tells us a little more about the piece design of his precious One. The metal frame is cut by a CNC machine (manufacturing machine computer-controlled) used by model makers of all kinds to build parts of airplanes, ships, locomotives, buildings and in this case the body of a smartphone. More specifically, the CNC will aim to cut and carve the main body in aluminum, then engrave several distinct design patterns. Once this is finished, a cutting tool in diamond will undertake the final step that consist in smooth the edges of the body, they are more comfortable in your hand. Seen from here it sounds like a...

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Concept: The Upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus Without Home Button nor Borders

Posted by on Mar 4, 2013 in Concept, iPhone | 0 comments

Nowhereelse and Martin Hajek teamed up to offer two concepts of iPhone 6 and iPhone More. The concept of today share the idea of ​​an overall review of the overall design of the iPhone that has not changed since its first release. Nowhereelse is mainly based on the touchpad of the Apple MacBook, which is covered with a glass plate, as the screens of our smartphones. “In that case, why not equipping the iPhone with a touch screen and clickable designed in the same way as a trackpad?! “. Based on this judgment, the Home button was fired to be replaced by the click of the bottom of the screen mounted on a pendulum. Incidentally, the borders which frame the screen have been in turn removed to have finally a largest iPhone. The hull is in turn directly inspired by mini...

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