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Minuum, The Flexible Virtual Keyboard On a Single Line

Here is Minuum: a virtual keyboard rather particular developed in Whirlscape.


Indeed, Minuum is a very original virtual keyboard that spans on a single line, and is able to predict/guess your words just like BlindType. Of course, Minuum includes everything needed of a keyboard with 26 characters of the alphabet, the numbers 0 to 9 and punctuation, symbols, emoticons and much more. To know that the alphabet letters are divided into different colors, so the user gets used more easily.


What you should know is that Minuum improves typing in:

    • recovering half the space of the touch screen that you lose when you type on a traditional virtual keyboard
    • granting a fast text input
    • providing a magnification of letters to be more precise, particularly useful if you have big fingers
    • smart AutoCorrect
    • respecting the order of the keyboard (QWERTY in this case), so yu are not have to relearn the keys order
    • providing easy access to all keys of a keyboard like punctuation, space, setbacks and the enter key without losing space
    • to type in any location on the screen with a keyboard movable if you wish

It is only an overview of the features you can find on this video:

For once, Minuum is a serious competitor that really innovates! The product is not only shown on keyboard or tablet but offers sufficient flexibility to be used on most original devices such as paper or another. Some already imagine using such technology as input for a watch or Google Glass for example.

To know everything or even participate in the Minuum project, visit IndieGoGo.

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