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Make Your Own Wireless Charging Kit In 10 Minutes For Samsung Galaxy S3

Wireless charging is a sophisticated feature on future smartphones nowadays. Though there are still a few smartphones that support it, wireless charging sounds nice in the smartphone. 

Make Wireless Charging

Not only does it make smartphone look more sophisticated, but it also makes charging smartphone no more complicated. Technology is getting easy. Now, we do not need to use a charger cable to plug into the power supply for charging our smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the smartphones that do not include the smart wireless charging kit out of the box. But now with a simple hack done by a member of the XDA Developers forum, Samsung Galaxy S3 users can now have that awesome feature.

With just a few supplies that cost $25, S3 users can add wireless charging kit for their lovely phone for 10 minutes. The wireless charging kit uses the charging element from Palm Pixi.

Rumors said that wireless charging feature will be included in the most anticipated Galaxy S4. Instead of waiting for S4 to come, why don’t we use a cheap alternative way to simply make the wireless charging kit for S3? Wireless charging is said to charge slightly faster than if it was plugged in via USB.

You can simply tap to the source below and follow the instruction how to make your own wireless charging kit for S3.

via | Cnet

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