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All you need to know about Upcoming Latest iPhone 5S

Apple’s latest innovation, iPhone 5, disappointed many customers. It failed to fulfil the user demands. Recent reviews state that iPhone 5 lacked many features. There are many problems in iPhone 5 like:

  •  Low functional iOS6 maps
  •  Poor quality battery
  •  LTE signal issues
  •  Screen glitching
  •  Bad Wi-Fi

Apple recently announced that it will launch its new generation Smartphone, the iPhone 5S in June, 2013. Let’s hope that upcoming iPhone 5S minimises the defects of iPhone 5. Features of the upcoming gadget include:


iPhone 5S

•  It is estimated that iPhone5S will have a high resolution display compared to its predecessor. It is made up of IGNO (Indium Gallium Zinc oxide) material. So we can expect 5S with bright screen display.

•  Rumours state that storage capacity will be extended to 128GB and it is predicted that the gadget will be released in a variety of colours. Unlike traditional black and white colours, the upcoming gadget shall be available in different colours like the iPod touch.

•  Leaked Etradesupply image shows that next generation 5S looks almost similar to its predecessor. It will be introduced with the same 4 inch display.

•  It is believed that Apple may launch retina plus display with the latest IZGO technology. It may come with 550 pins with 1080p resolution.

•  Rumours have been spreading that the new device comes with improved super HD camera compared to iphone5. It doesn’t state what this new HD camera includes but is expected to have pixel oversampling similar to the Nokia Pure View technology. So this latest technology captures high quality pictures without increasing pixel count.

•  It may have large storage capacity when compared to previous generation iPhones.

•  It is rumoured that Apple enhanced power of the hardware. So, we can predict a device with high performance, powerful processor, high GB RAM, improved microphone and speakers.

•  With 4G LTE connectivity, it shall offer high speed compared to iPhone 5 enabling installation of apps and e-books at greater speed.

•  5S will run on the latest operating system iOS7. iOS6 received good customer reviews and it boosted the device’s performance. We can experience even better performance with iOS7.

•  iPhone developers are striving hard to make drastic changes in the new device. So we can expect that it will include more features and functionalities compared to its predecessor.

•  Apple didn’t state the exact cost of the device. But we can estimate that it may cost higher than iPhone 5 due to enhanced memory capacity. The initial price of iPhone 5 is $199 for 16GB model and $399 for the 64 GB model. The latest version with its powerful features might be hefty on your pockets but with the help of payday loans you can easily afford it.

•  5S may refresh iPhone5 with advanced features and applications. It shall either include a 64 bit A7 chip or it will be introduced with the powerful A6X processor.

Apples iPhone 5 dissatisfied its users in many aspects. iOS6 map is a big failure. Let’s hope the best in the upcoming 5S.

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