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iOS 7 Concept: convenient shortcuts on the lockscreen

The concepts of iOS did not begin yesterday, far from it. They nevertheless increased since 2/3 years, at least democratized. Indeed, thanks to the new video editing techniques, the people behind these concepts were only improve their work. 

A new one is put on front of the stage today improving the iPhone’s Lockscreen, this page where the user is faced to unlock the device. Using a slid down, a panel with some parameters is revealed. These parameters are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and the “Connection Sharing”. A tap on a button activates or deactivates these options. The first advantage is that it does not unlock the device, launch the Settings app and enable one by one each module.

Of course, we imagine few from Apple this kind of arrivals that reminds Android. However a little bit of youthfulness would not be denied of the fact that the interface has not really changed in five years. Jony Ive, which now handles among other iOS, must prove itself to iOS 7. The designer of Apple products is deemed to always have the idea that we need where you need it. Hopefully this first in the software be a success for users.

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