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Apple Is Creating A New Web Page To Face Competition..

The new web page that apple has launched and which was meant to praise the iPhone 5 for the competition has led a lot of Android fans to comment on every single word the Apple has included on the page.


Competition is triggered whenever a company wants to attract the attention of the public, like for instance Samsung’s Ads last year, or the “I’m a Mac” Ads from Apple. Android OEMs are coming up with new different features that the public never thought of before regarding the hardware side (HTC’s new microphones) and the software side (Dual-camera video chat in the Galaxy 4).

Apple makes numerous software changes not only to attract the attention of others but also to keep their attention. Additionally, Apple takes its own procedures when a company brings something we have already seen on some level from another; innovating something new when another company creates new things, because Apple has very good staff who are always ready to bring up something new.

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