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T-Mobile Welcomes iPhone 5 For $ 99

T-Mobile announces today an offer in its range of mobile for April 12, the iPhone, the first for the U.S. operator. It has actually taken six years for Apple and T-Mobile to negotiate and reach an agreement.The fourth operator in the United States will change the way its “friends” work.

iphone 5

The customer has two choices: Either they buy their brand new iPhone 5 for full price at once, or they pay $ 99 to get it, and then pay the rest in 24 monthly installments of $ 20.

Again, the package is separate from the device; customers do not need to make a commitment of 24 months as do AT & T, Verizon or Sprint. For its part, the iPhone 4S will cost $ 69.99 with 24 monthly payments of $ 20, and the iPhone 4 will start for 14.99 dollars with 24 monthly payments of $ 20 again.

Obviously, T-Mobile has already supported different models of iPhone for its network so far. It was possible to buy an iPhone naked and insert a SIM card T-Mobile. The operator even helped provide Nano-SIM adapters to attract more customers. The difference today is how to get the authorization to sell in their shops.

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