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Google and Motorola working on a X Phone and X Tablet

This is a great revelation from the Wall Street Journal. According to the American newspaper, Motorola will work hard on a smartphone named “X Phone” and “X Tablet.”


After the release of the RAZR HD and i, Motorola is focused on two product lines. On the one hand, the Droid range reserved for the United States, the other the famous “X Phone” and “X Tablet”. According to the American newspaper, the “X Phone” integrate innovations never seen.

In reality, the range “X” is the first project created in collaboration with Google. Larry Page had granted a large budget for this project, with a budget of communication very consistent. Other important information, the project manager would Lior Ron, a Google employee.

This “X Phone” could incorporate a flexible screen or a ceramic shell. Motorola and Google would test all these technologies, according to the Wall Street Journal. This is far from the only proven technologies, the “X Phone” could incorporate features pictures and videos very advanced. Last October, Motorola bought the company Viewdle specializes in image recognition and motion.

The famous “X Phone” would emerge in 2013.

For its part, Google Motorola Mobility continues to restructure after closing offices and dismiss several thousand employees, Google has a separate division of Motorola.


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