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Polytron Technologies unveils the first transparent smartphone

A Taiwanese company presents a new original smartphone because it is largely transparent. Polytron Technologies has stated that this prototype could be mass produced and marketed by the end of 2013. Sony has already tried out this transparent screen.

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

No, you’re not dreaming. Screen, battery, circuits and a set of components are transparent. You will see on the screen the MicroSD and NanoSim cards. and some circuits … at least for the moment!

Presented by Serena Chen, head of Polytron in Taoyuan City (Northern Taiwan) on January 21, 2013, this smartphone could be the attraction of the year in terms of design, works on industrial materials and redefining the codes of beauty in the world of new technologies.

On the negative side, the touch part is currently limited to a small area, a first brake in the comfort of use. Even if the battery, the screen and the printed circuit products are totally transparent, three components are not yet available or can not be produced immediately:  processors, SIM card and memory card.

Anyway, the technology allows for an attractive design and also allows designers in research and development centers to suggest new  smartphones formats.

The first completely transparent breakthrough in technology allows to imagine new concepts, new uses (advertising, for example) but does not seem ready yet. Indeed, no photo and no details on the resolution displayed by the screen were communicated for example. Components, such as processors and graphics chipset, and their frequency of use have not been disclosed. Will the battery capacity and the technology hold a day use? And finally what about the service: will we find easily replacement parts in commerce easily?

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

The idea of ​​a totally transparent device is no longer only science fiction but we still wonder what can make this “innovation” to the user through a mobile phone.

via | Chinadaily


  1. The fakeness is overwhelming.

    • This is the first prototype, more information is coming out in the future…

      • Seriously. a transparent battery? I’m pretty sure you can’t just remove properties of elements like lithium and make it transparent.

        • Technically, i think everything is possible, perhaps they have an advanced research and development centers, as a scientist, i know that theoretical ideas looks crazy at first, all the great ideas was crazy, but with the experience again and again, i’m sure that we can make the impossible..

        • You must see this one:

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