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Sony Xperia Z Release Date, When and Where?

The company’s upcoming top-of-the-range smartphone is a very fascinating device that has attracted the atttention of the public.Its hardware specs  and design both are very  impressive.


The only question that remained unanswered so far concerning the Xperia Z since it has emerged is “when and where exactly will it hit the market ?” There is now alot of  information concerning the Sony Xperia Z release date that I really want you to check out and find out more on.

The Xperia Z is meant to hit the majority of markets sometime this quarter,  which is the same time it should be made available in Canada.But it will first though go on sale in Japan. Although the exact release date is not yet official, working Xperia Z demo units have shown up in several retail stores in Japan, indicating an imminent release.And as far as price is concerned, there is no clue about that, but apparently it will roughly be about £529.99.

That’s all we have about the new fascinating device. We will keep you updated on anything new. After all that was said about our tool, are you thinking of purchasing the new Sony Xperia Z?

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