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No More BIS on BlackBerry Z10

The ease of use of Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, especially for internet browsing, is a comfortable thing for mobile users. BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Bis on BlackBerry, Bis on BB10This is one of the the advantages of using those platforms. Being different from those platforms, BlackBerry was known to have its own internet browsing system, BlackBerry Internet System (BIS). BIS was a must to enjoy all phone features. With the new release of BlackBerry 10, connecting to the internet has now been made easier for BlackBerry 10 users.

To connect to the internet, the BlackBerry 10 users do not need to subscribe to the BIS any more. For all the activities relating to the internet, such as using e-mail service, BlackBerry Messenger, etc., the BlackBerry 10 users just need to subscribe to the data plan of the carriers for internet access. Everything in the phone will be working very well and the BB users now can enjoy all phone features without having to connect to the BIS.

With the new BlackBerry Z10 launched this week, the smartphone battle is going to go even hotter. A new mobile platform gave BlackBerry the chance to fix all of their historical issues, and that’s exactly what they did. Can the new phone along with BlackBerry 10 succeed to have its place back in the smartphone world?

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