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Google is Opening its Physical Store

Google is known as the most popular search engine and owner of the Android mobile operating system which is now applied mostly on mobile handsets used by many prominent mobile handset makers, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, and etc. For years, Google with its Android has just only got an online store, Google Play. At the end of year 2013, Google is rumored to be opening its first physical stores. The retail stores are going to be opened in the US in the upcoming season holiday.

Google Store

Having its own physical stores, it’s time for Google to make things different. The making of the chain of retail stores is a good starting point for Google to break what Apple has done for a long time with its Apple stores around the world. Nexus flagship handsets and the Chromebook products, which are sold only on its online stores, will then be easily sold through direct sales.

You may also have known that Google is developing a very ambitious product called the Project Glass. With its own retail stores going to be opened later this year, Google seems to have more physical products to sell in the store.

Finding it a little difficult and waiting so long for the handsets bought on its online store, the opening will make the purchase easier. People will try the products out before they purchase them as they do on online stores. Direct sales to customers is what Google needs to introduce in its recent and coming devices (Project Glass and X-Phone) instead of an online store.

The Google’s chain retail stores will only then be available in the US market. As Apple retail store is everywhere in the world, it may not close the possibility that Google will supposedly open its retail store in the world next year.

via | 9to5google

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