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iWatch: Apple has a team of 100 designers

Bloomberg adds its voice to those of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Apple is developing a connected iWatch able to do multi-tasking witch was already possible with an iPhone, 100 designers work in this projetc. The team has grown throughout the year 2012, we find managers, marketing group, as well as software and hardware engineers who have worked on the iPhone and iPad. In view of the number, it is clear that Apple had already passed the experimental stage. The development of this new product is a key element to boost the action of the giant dropped 30% since September. Shareholders are worried, this watch could give them a smile. Apple can revolutionize this world just as it did in 2007 with the first iPhone, and in 2010 with the first iPad. The industry of smartphones and tablet touch has continued to evolve since these two products. The iWatch would suffer the same beginning as the two articles mentioned. A progressive launch over the years with exposure after a certain time.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

Bloomberg reveals that Apple had already developed mobile devices to track their health in the past. Nevertheless, the products have never emerged on the market. Nike has since launched its Fuelband leader in the market. the Cupertino company watch could embed iOS features, or even iOS simply. The New York Times had already announced that recently. This watch will give much more than just time. The New York newspaper evoked the integration of Siri, Apple Maps, application to read messages, monitoring health, Passbook and more. The two men at the head of this project are James Foster and Achim Pantfoerder.

via | Bloomberg

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