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Canonical announces Ubuntu for tablets, the Developer Preview available from Thursday!

Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets will be available for Developers Preview on February 21 on the Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.


The loop is closed for Ubuntu, after computers, TVs and smartphones, just places the last piece of the puzzle: the tablets. Unlike Windows 8, which is still limited to approximately 10 inches for the RT version, Ubuntu claims to be compatible with formats ranging from 7 to 10 inches.

The experience is similar to what can be found on Ubuntu Phone, but obviously adapted to the larger screen. The four corners strategy is always applied (no physical buttons, everything is done with the touch) : On the left side you will find your favorite applications, your notifications on the top, SideStage on the right and on the top down the various menus to control the current application. The research hub is still present and can search in both applications, in the stored contents…

Just like Windows 8, it will be possible to view multiple applications at once on the screen. The idea is to reuse the maximum smartphone applications, while providing a rich ecosystem. For example: you can have a Skype call at one side (a conference) and an open document on the other.

We have also a good news for you, on Thursday (February 21), you can install Ubuntu in your Nexus smartphone or tablet. Canonical promises that will be given simple tools to facilitate installation (but be careful! it is a very young version, which will require a lot of developments). The first tablets sold officially by Canonical will not arrive until 2014: it is primarily an overview just for developers.

To attract developers, Canonical has implemented an architecture that allows to create applications across the platform. It is therefore closer to the idea proposed on Android and we are very far from the (bad?) Choice of Microsoft Windows who preferred to separate “normal” Windows and RT. Unlike Android or iOS, here we have a strong computer ecosystem, which has proven, while Android is much less suited to this use.

Ubuntu makes a bet here, so no other competitor has succeeded so far to propose: a system covering all, the computer, TV and mobile.

Let us know what do you think, or enter the forum discussion to share your fanatic about this fantastic Ubuntu ecosystem.

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