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The Ultrapixel will be soon available on midrange smartphones from HTC

The HTC One will not the only who benefit from BlinkFeed and Ultrapixel technologies, because they will be available on the new mid-range models of the brand. BlinkFeed will also be available on HTC One X, One X +, One S and Butterfly.

HTC One,  htc blinkfeed

To redress the balance, HTC understands that he should stand out from the competition. On its new flagship model, the HTC One, in addition to the hardware/design particularly successful, the Taiwanese integrated two features with high added value: BlinkFeed and Ultrapixel. The first is a widget (optional) on the desktop that displays the latest news in the form of a long list. The information comes from thousands of sites partners of News Republic.

On the other hand, the Ultrapixel technology allows on paper (but in reality, according to initial findings) to get photos and videos of high quality. The photographs show accurate colors and rich, including low light. This is achieved not by increasing the number of megapixels, but designing a better CMOS sensor, an algorithm for image processing more efficient and a more luminous than most 8 or 13 megapixel camera.

At the Mobile World Congress, the site Omio interviewed Phil Roberson, the man at the head of the English division, about these two technologies. This was more enthusiastic about porting to other terminals indicating that there was great potential. However, there may be some adjustments because the ability to take HD videos while taking pictures is greatly assured by the quad-core processor.

As you most probably know, Sense 5.0 will soon be deployed on HTC One X One X + One S and Butterfly. Phil Roberson confirmed that this update actually integrate the new BlinkFeed, which became a central pillar of the layer HTC.

HTC is in the process of building a strong ecosystem around its range 2013 to differentiate themselves from the competition. This will allow customers and that they have a HTC One or a more affordable, to gather around a common experience.

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