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Integrated Micro-Computer into Our Brains is a Big Reality..

Today, researchers are able to establish standalone computers in the brains of guinea pigs … and in no time, humans also. This technology will allow the computer to give life to a failing nervous system.


In the case of paralysis suites to lesions of the spinal or people with neuromotor diseases, this innovation will allow these people to return to normal activity. Before this technology allowed indirect communication between the brain and an external device (such as a computer or an electronic system). Researchers at Brown University have managed to create the first wireless interface that can charged and implanted in the brain.

For starters, BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) wireless were implanted in pigs and monkeys for a period of nearly 13 months without any effect or problems. This experience should soon be tested in humans. The novelty is that this implementation will allow wireless to people with neurological diseases to move freely.

This technology can analyze not only the behavior but also brain activity (complex), such as social interaction. No sensor or fixed assets are required to complete patient follow-up and, thanks to the implant into the brain (which has 100 electrodes). In other words, scientists can detect, improve or repair the damaged brain function in patients. Researchers from Brown University to test this device for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Note that Brown University has already made a robotic arm controlled by BCI (only by thought), an arm that helps paralyzed patients to feed as shown in this video:

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