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Facebook Unveils The New Newsfeed For Homepage, iPhone, iPad and Android soon!

Facebook just announced the new NewsFeed. Larger, more readable, he wants content always displayed better. The photos, videos, events and articles thus become more attractive.

facebook new newsfeed, facebook newsfeed

All platforms are concerned, namely the computer, Android and iOS of course. It is also at this point that the social network has insisted. Discover the same face of Facebook on all platforms: mobile, tablet or web. The web part takes some functions of the mobile part, like a bubble that displays new news. A simple tap on this to back to the so-called published news. This feature already exists on iPhone and iPad for some time now. In addition, the sidebar appeared on the web version, which again already existed on mobile. It lists several categories like ‘news feed’, ‘Messages’, ‘Events’ and more.facebook new newsfeed for iphone

facebook new newsfeed for iPad

First served will be those using Facebook on computer from a web browser. It is necessary to add on a waiting list to be selected first. The deployment will be done today. The updated interface on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will be in the next few weeks, the Android will have to wait a little longer.

We let you with this video :

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