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The iPhone Will Be Able To Be Controlled With Your Eyes

Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be unveiled on Thursday in New York, will have several new features including some dedicated to the eye.Indeed, “Smart Scroll” and “Smart Pause” will be based on the user’s eyes to know what to do. Smart scroll will scroll the screen automatically when the user arrives at the bottom of a page.

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For its part, Smart Pause will stop video playback when the owner will look away from the screen. These functions are interesting because they are unpubl for this type of device. The good news is they can be brought on your iPhone, or any smartphone. One advantage is that it is not necessary to have a high quality front camera, midrange phones can do the trick.

This technology is developed by uMoove, a company based in Israel. One of its founders says that system followed by the eye must be available for multiple devices.

An SDK will be available to developers in the next few months, they can already sign up to be part of the beta program.

UMoove technology is further improved than the one integrated in the Galaxy S4. In addition to the automatic page change and stop a video, it will be possible to zoom in/out on content by approaching the head to the screen, to control games with his eyes, navigate in the menus or in a mapping to 360 degrees.

UMoove also indicated that they had discussed with the big names among manufacturers without revealing who in particular. She did not want to unveil if its technology is there that was that integrated in the next Galaxy S4. The company has 20 employees and could soon be on the front of the stage with his prowess.

We let you with this video:

via | NYT

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