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A Flaw In The Sony Xperia Z Can Unlock The Phone Without Entering The Security Code

The Sony Xperia Z receives “blows” : After the sudden death, security unlock screen can be easily circumvented.

Sony Xperia Z

Everything seems to be working well for Sony earlier this year. After being the first manufacturer to release a new generation of smartphone in 2013, the Japanese has the ability to keep an eye on its competitors because HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 will not arrive until April.

Despite the positive remarks this phone received, a problem was noted long time ago: The phone is affected by the sudden death, and so without giving any sign of weakness, the phone refuses to restart overnight. Sony was very fast because a hotfix is already being deployed.

Today a security hole has been found and bypassing security implementation on the unlock screen. Just go into emergency call, dial the code *#*#7378423#*#*, select Service tests, and NFC, and finally NFC Diag Test.  All that remains is pressing the Home button and the phone will automatically display the desktop. The Security hole can not be changed, However,  a malicious individual can then access all data stored on the phone.

Hopefully a patch is deployed very quickly!

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