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The HTC One Is Not Really Repairable

iFixit is a reference for techies, this U.S. team dissects devices and gives repairability “notes”. These famous notes used to estimate the difficulty of repair – itself – a device malfunction. Today they are interested in HTC One, verdict: 1/10.

HTC One Disassembly

As you know, the HTC One is designed with one single shell of aluminum, called “unibody”. The battery is inaccessible, as many “upscale” devices¬†using finer materials such as aluminum or glass.

HTC One Disassembly

Pink: power amplifier multiband. Yellow: Qualcomm PM8921 (energy management). Red: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 GHz. Orange: Samsung KLMBG4GE2A (32 GB flash memory). Blue: Synaptics (tactile Management). Green: Qualcomm MDM9215M (3G/4G modem). Black: connectivity (WiFi, FM, Bluetooth 4.0, etc..).

As highlighted iFixit, HTC wanted to create a homogeneous product, no screw is visible. It will use a plunger to detach the glass and access to the screws, in addition to a heat source to “melt” the adhesive used. The rest does not really designed to be dismantled: foam padding, screws irregular, copper shield … the difficulties are numerous.

HTC One Disassembly

You understand, do not start a battery change or a component replacement if you are not “sure”. You have been warned!

iFixit Disassembly

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