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Androidbook, An Android Notebook In The Third Quarter

In 2013, it may be well that Androidbook is provided on the world market.


According to the statements made by DigiTimes, the Mountain View giant is decided to opt what is profiled as the design of a more Androidbook of its Chromebook:

«As for Google’s possible Android-based notebooks (Androidbook), the devices may show up at the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter.»

Some manufacturers have tried to bring Android on netbooks/ultrabooks right now without real success. Some have even tried hybrid solutions Android/Windows but again, for the moment, it did not. This time, Google might come back with a solution 100% working, why not with Android system version slightly redesigned to fit more easily with a physical keyboard or PC configuration.

After all, Android is flexible and scalable enough to fit on a variety of devices. Imagine an Android 5.0 which adopts quite a new product segment Androidbook, might be possible knowing that we know it will strengthen the integration of Android and Chrome OS.

With more than 700 000 applications on Google Play, the Mountain View giant has clearly what to do and just really try new ideas related in one way or another to its mobile operating system: Android. And in any case, it is not the first attempt of Google (glasses, television, talking shoes and so on …).

via | DigiTimes

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