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Google Babel, A First Look At The Web Version?

Yesterday, we could actually confirm the existence of Google Babel, only it seems that today new screenshots are more or less confirmed the upcoming release of the service (at least for the web version).

Google Babel,Google Babel web, Google Babel web version

During the night, it seems that “real screenshots” of Google Babel on the web version have leaked. When we look more closely at these screenshots, we can see the integration of many known features of Google’s services, such as Google Hangouts which apparently implemented directly in the chat window, inviting other contacts to the conversation and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of emoticons and service settings.

Of course, I remind that this information is only valid for the web version.

Speaking about a crowd of emoticons, here are others that you can look at:

Google babel

Also in regard to the web version, the settings are very simple with the ability to enable or disable notifications for chat, save chat logs and archive a conversation for future use (find a phrase, quote, link, etc.) and sharing photos is possible with the synchronization of a Google+ account.

google babel

To use Babel, Google surely will ask you to start synchronize other instant messaging services to benefit from all the features. From a certain point of view, it is not worse, and this will allow the user to feel free to choose whether a particular service needs to sync to Google Babel.

More specifically, Google Babel is defined as a service 10-in-1, combining all chat services from Google, including such advanced group chats, access to the list of conversations from anywhere, improved notifications across different devices (computer and mobile devices) and the ability to send photos.

Difficult to say more, except that the event Google I/O, which will take place between 15 and 17 May 2013, probably will answer our questions about this particular topic and others.

via | TechRadar

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