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It Is Possible To Hijack An Aircraft With PlaneSploit

PlaneSploit can theoretically hack an aircraft. It is, in any case, what an engineer has highlighted at the conference “Hack in The Box” in the Netherlands.

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Imagine yourself in an aircraft that connects Paris to New York City, a few minutes after takeoff, your neighbor pulls his Android phone and disables airplane mode, then opens PlaneSploit. From this application, he connects to the management system (FMS, Flight Management System) and takes control of the plane, direction: Copacabana in Brazil.

Theoretically, Hugo Teso has developed a framework named SIMON which exploits a bug in a protocol for data exchange with a system called ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Report System). How did he find this exploit? By creating a virtual environment based on the game X-Flight. Once connected, it can change direction, altitude, and speed as well. Incredible!

Finally, it’s just a theory. On certified devices, this technique is not “reproducible.” Different agencies have been contacted to set up security system…

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