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Google Launches The Functionality “Inactive Account Manager”

New At Google, the Mountain View giant has introduced a new monitoring service called “inactive account manager” which will effectively share content (photos, emails and documents) and even automatically remove the account of the user concerned after a too long period of inactivity.

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A sort of  like an inheritance, donation or  digital testament if you like, which allows Google a better management of the dead users  – as the declaration of death in Facebook.

As its name indicates, the inactive account manager will determine a period of inactivity of the account from which Gmail will alert you to an alternative address to your inactivity. If there is no answer, Google will begin to contact your trusted contacts and then share your content and grant them the ability to permanently delete your account.

Here are all the features:

  • The Deadline Time: you set a Deadline time after which your account may be considered inactive. This period begins after you last logged into your Google account (choice between three months and one year).
  • Notify me: you will be notified by Inactive Account Manager via e-mail or SMS before the deadline.
  • Tell contacts and share data: add trusted contacts (to be notified when you are not using your account) and share data with them.
  • Delete the account if necessary: If you wish, you can set the deletion of your account in your name only after all previous actions have been made (if any).

To set up your account, go to Account Settings. The function is being deployed.

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