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Samsung is Working on The 5G For Deployment in 2020

Samsung does not waste time. While many countries are just beginning to implement 4G on their territory…

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the South Korean giant is already working on the following: the 5G. Although it is currently only a test, the company was able to achieve a flow rate of 1 Gbit/s over a frequency band at 28 GHz (SHF: Super High Frequency) between two remote terminals by 2Km.

Compared to the current 100 Mbit/s (theoretical) 4G LTE network, this speed will, according to Samsung, to download movies in a second, to enjoy the ultra HD streaming, practice remote surgery or play 3D games in streaming on the tablet or smartphone.

This laboratory test is impressive, but do not expect to have the 5G immediately. Samsung expects to begin commercializing the technology in 2020. Although 5G should first be available in Asia.

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