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Google Will Also Have Its Connected Watch

While rumors focus on Apple and Samsung, Google will also work on a watch connected.

google connected watch

Connected watch is a reality for several years, Sony has already released two products on the market: SmartWatch, Motorola with¬†MOTOACTV, not to mention smaller¬†initiatives but equally interesting: I’m Watch or the Pebble Watch.

Samsung has confirmed its next product: the Galaxy Watch, while the Apple iWatch is still under rumor stage. The Financial Times has said that Google did work on a connected watch. alongside Google Glass, Google could therefore reveal another connected product. As a reminder, Google filed a patent for a dual-screen connected watch in 2011. Finally, interesting information: the famous watch would be designed by the Android division and not X Lab division.

After that, discover the Google Time concept by Adrian Maciburko.

google connected watch

google connected watch

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