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If Samsung Made An iWatch…

It would look something like this. The South Korean chaebol is obviously working on its own smart watch and so, if a set of leaked screenshots is anything to go by, then, it will have a 500-by-500 pixel resolution display.

Apple iwatch

Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, said that his company has been preparing the watch product for so longHe also confirmed that the watch is one of the products Samsung is actually getting prepared for the future.

It is reported that Google is working on a smart watch project as well. It’s apparently being developed by the Internet giant’s Android unit and should act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system.

Apple iwatch

It is reported that LG is taking part in the smart watch craze, and that Microsoft is monitoring how the smart watch space evolves over time.

Apple has also been claimed to be developing an ios-powered wearable device of its own, and relaying notifications and double as a fitness device.


Daring Fireball’s John Gruber isn’t buying this theory.

He thinks that the iwatch project is real, and confirms that Apple will release it shortly after the competing smart watches hit the Market.

Then, if Apple makes more watches than it ships, it would be amazing, though, because next around of watches from all other companies will in some ways end up looking like versions of Apple’s.

Another theory says that an iwatch could be a Code-name for a rumored standalone TV set from Apple. Indeed, the moniker could state in no ambiguous manner what consumers will do when they purchase the gizmo.

Last but not least, it was reported yesterday that the iTV, which will come out either later this year or next year, will have a 4K screen resolution.

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