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Galaxy S4 And Storage Space, The Korean Company Responds To The Controversy

One of the recent controversies about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is its storage space. Actually, concerning the 16 GB version, only 8.8 to 9.6 GB is available to the user. Samsung has officially responded to this controversy.

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The controversy came out after the CNET has tested the delivery default factory settings. Obviously, after this parameter “reset” , the user no longer has that 8.49 GB.

Samsung responded:

“For the 16GB Galaxy S4 , about 6.85 GB is occupied by the system, which is more than 1 GB on S3, in order to provide a higher screen resolution ¬†and more powerful functions for our customers”

The answer is way far from “clear”. Indeed, the screen resolution elements require a relatively better definition, larger images … which of course have an impact on the size of the files needed to run the system. Nevertheless, this does not explain the total weight of the system and pre-loaded applications.

Is it a problem for the user? Not really, about 9 GB of data seem largely sufficient for applications. Other data (photos, music, videos, documents) can be stored on a microSD card (up to 64GB).

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