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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is More Expensive To Build Than an iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is more expensive to build than an iPhone 5, according to the statements of the IHS institute.

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The research institute IHS announced that Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB version cost more to build than an iPhone 5 32GB version also. Costs are estimated at respectively 237 and 217 U.S. dollars.

The study also shows that Samsung, unlike most manufacturers, keeps most of the internal production process. “Samsung’s strength is the ability to be able to rely on itself“, Vincent Leung said, an analyst at IHS. However, we can not say either that Samsung does not import anything from outside. For smartphone versions┬ádestined for U.S. markets, the Korean uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 600, while for the versions marketed in South Korea, the model incorporates a processor “homemade”, the Exynos, the cost of production is higher for Samsung.

If the constructor had opted for an aluminum finish like the HTC One, the cost would probably gone.

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