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HTC First, Here’s What Could Be The “Facebook Phone”

At the end of the last week, we speculated the possibility of the upcoming release of a Facebook Phone and it would seem that this is the case with the mysterious HTC First (HTC Myst)! Anyway, it is worth noting that it is not every day that the social network Facebook highlights “Android” on these invitations cards.

facebook phone, HTC First

Unlike the HTC Chacha, which features a touchscreen and a physical keyboard, the HTC First takes the form of a smartphone with a touchscreen design all pretty close to the spirit of “HTC”.

According to rumors circulating on the web, the HTC First would have a 4.3-inch touch-screen HD (720 x 1280 pixels), a dual-core Snapdragon 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM (RAM), 16 GB of internal memory (ROM), a 1.6 megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel camera.

It is also said that HTC First loads a new version of the Facebook application for Android with an integration that looks very pronounced in the interface (since not forget that it would be a Facebook Phone). More concretely, we can expect to see the news feed directly on the home screen as well as other additions: diverse and varied as a manager of Facebook contacts, camera reworked with Facebook sauce.

htc first, facebook phone

Again, according to rumors, this smartphone will – at first – only available in the U.S. AT&T operator around 50-99 dollars with a two-year subscription. We do not know How long will it the exclusivity, however, we assume that will be available – like the HTC ChaCha – indeed in other countries…

via | @evleaks

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