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Sony Unveils Playstation 4 and Their Mobile Strategy

Posted by on Feb 23, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Sony had indeed warned us that the mobile is at the heart of his universe. Sony just unveiled, as expected, the PlayStation 4 (PS4). And as expected, it includes many interactions with different screens: smartphones, tablets … and even dedicated Android applications. With the PlayStation 4, the goal of the Japanese is of course to respond effectively to the landscape changing of the digital world. If you are not in a “I rattle and I’m in a bad mood”, you certainly do not follow the live conference that Sony stood before last night … – or maybe you just wait patiently E3 (the largest exhibition of video games) to get all the details on the next generation of consoles and games. In all cases, it is difficult to remain unmoved by these ads when you’re a techie. Here is a summary of the conference....

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