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Ubuntu OS Phone Comes In October This Year

There are various operating systems of mobile handsets available nowadays on the smartphone markets. The top-notch operating systems available on the market are Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and the new released BlackBerry 10.

Ubuntu for Phones

Ubuntu for Phones

Those popular operating systems are competing to get the top position as the most used operating systems among the smartphone users. As the year goes, the domination of the world most used operating systems seems to be going to change. It is because a new mobile operating system from Mozilla, Firefox OS, is going to shake their domination. Firefox OS is now under the development test. Even, a very new mobile operating system from Ubuntu, Ubuntu OS phone, will go on to take on the popular operating systems. The appearance of the Ubuntu OS phone has been rumored a year ago.

As reported by Gsmarena (2/7/2013), Ubuntu OS is going to start its debut in October later this year. The image above points out that Google Galaxy Nexus variant is the smartphone that Linux and Canonical is going to use with Ubuntu Phone OS. At the end of this month, Canonical is going to release a special ROM for the Galaxy Nexus.

Both Android and Ubuntu OS phone are Linux-based operating systems. But, Android is developed by Google itself. Linux along with Canonical are developing Ubuntu Phone OS to compete with Android from Google. As being said, Ubuntu Phone OS will be the main serious contender for the green robot OS since they come from the same mobile operating system-based OS.

We look forward to seeing original concrete handsets from Ubuntu OS since the OS looks awesomely beautiful. Unfortunately, for now though, it will just use a very similar handset to Google Galaxy Nexus variant which does not look original. With a fresh original design of the handset that Ubuntu OS phone might have, it would make the competition more undeniably exciting.

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